Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Health Care Information Systems

Price, Quality, Service

Cost Containment

Dedicated to helping contain costs through a large network of pre-approved suppliers, offering the right balance between price, product quality, and service to support your overall operational goals.

Comprehensive Contract Portfolio

Contract portfolio built of committed partnerships with industry leaders. HCIS continually manages its portfolio to maintain competitive market programs and on-trend offerings to the market.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Experienced team of Customer Service Representatives and Account Managers to frequently review your product selection and utilization and make recommendations that further enhance your savings opportunities.

Value-added Resources

Menus, Formulary creation, Nutritional analysis, and Inventory management. Clinical support, Education, and Training and In-service

Features & Benefits

Medi-Bill Systems

Claims Management

This service includes processing, submitting, and following up on non-payment of your Medicare claims.

Compliance Assurance

Committed to complying with Federal and state laws, Med-Bill Systems has strict policies and procedures in place to ensure Medicare compliance.

Staff Orientation

Comprehensive training sessions with our dedicated on-staff RN Consultant, to include coverage of Medicare regulations, MDS training, in-depth case studies, and more.

Revenue Cycle Support

Medi-Bill Systems is committed to be the resource to help simplify the complex nature of billing, and strives to assist our clients maintain cash-flow and reduce the amount of administrative burden associated with billing and Accounts Receivable.